About Me......

I am an Environmental Scientist with over 15 years experience in environmental management and sustainability  - my career has been shaped by my life long understanding of our place as part of nature and the need to live in harmony with our planet.

My love of nature and everything outdoors led me to qualify as a Shinrin-Yoku practitioner with the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine.  I now run regular group and one to one forest bathing sessions throughout the south east of England and further afield.

I am also an experienced walking professional -  working with various stakeholders to develop projects that encourage people to walk for more of their everyday journeys in order to improve physical and mental health and well-being.

I offer one to one and group forest bathing therapy in the magical woodlands and forests of the South East of England and beyond.

I founded the Brighton and Hove Forest Bathers for which I run monthly sessions in the ancient woodlands of East Sussex.  

This year i'm working with the stunning High Beeches Woodland and Water Garden in the High Weald of West Sussex. We have five dates booked for 2020, starting on Sunday 15th March with a Springtime Morning Forest Bathing session.   See the Events tab for dates and times.

Please contact me using the 'contact us' tab in the menu with any queries or to book a place on one of my listed events.

I look forward to guiding you through our beautiful woodlands soon.


'Let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees' (Unknown)


About Shinrin-Yoku

Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing as it directly translates to from Japanese to English, is the practice of disconnecting from technology and opening our senses in a forest/woodland environment in order to receive the incredible medicinal benefits that trees and plants have to offer for both our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

During the 1980s a young medical student in Japan was the first to study the science between trees and human health and why spending time amongst trees made humans feel both mentally and physically better.  Dr Qing Li discovered that as well as the feeling of awe and wonder humans experience when being immersed in nature,  trees also breathe out chemicals called phytoncides and that these phytoncides have powerful medicinal benefits on human health.  

Further studies showed that spending just a few hours per month in a woodland or forest environment can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone); decrease blood pressure; boost our immune system; increase vigor whist inducing feelings of calm and provide a general feeling of overall wellness. - studies showed that these effects last for approx 30 days.

Dr Li's scientific studies were so conclusive on the benefits of trees (forest medicine) on human health that the Japanese Government's Medical Officers authorised prescribing Shinrin-Yoku for office workers suffering with stress..  

The benefits of Shinrin-Yoku on modern human health are now widely recognised - there are even Shinrin-Yoku trails at service stations all across Japan, to encourage drivers to take a relaxing break to de-stress before getting back on the road.


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